Deus Ex bundled with the AMD FX …


AMD has announced a new bundle with Deus Ex: Divided Mankind. It does not concern the graphics cards manufacturer, but its AMD FX processors, versions 6-8 hearts. The promotion is valid until November 14, 2016, only to buy from a reseller partners displaying the offer. They will provide you, usually after the withdrawal period, a code that will allow you via a special page at AMD retrieve a second code to download the game on the platform or it is distributed.

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Bundle “Free To Play” for Nvidia


Nvidia has announced the arrival of a new bundle for its graphics cards. Offer For new buyers GTX 1080, 1070, 1060, 980 Ti, 980, 970, or a laptop including a GTX 10 series. Failing to offer a complete game, Nvidia offers good shopping for integrated in-game Paragon A MOBA Epic Games available on free open beta since August 16. The package includes 1,000 pieces, the “Master challengers” for the heroes Twinblast Gideon, Greystone, Sparrow, Murdock, Grux and Muriel , and two additional skins ( Snakebite Murdock and War Chief Grux ). Nvidia shows a “value” of 115 euros for these …

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Watercooling on a socket for Cooler Master


Cooler Master takes advantage of the summer to introduce a new concept of radiator for processor, MasterLiquid Maker 92. Behind this name hides an integrated water cooling system for Intel processors compatible with socket LGA2011 and LGA115x. A block is placed directly on the socket, but it leave two lateral supports which are attached … radiator. The radiator also includes the pump, and two 92mm fans (removable) are present, one on each side of the radiator. Their noise level is announced at 30 dB (A) at 100% utilization As if all this was not enough original, the radiator can be …

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Silent Wings 3 for be quiet!


The German company be quiet! has announced the arrival of a new version of its Silent Wings fans, version 3. We recall for tested versions 1 and 2 in their declination PWM in this article . We find the characteristic fin design of the manufacturer, with a structured surface and a guaranteed fluid dynamic bearing system for 300,000 hours of use. The frame of the fan is now set with rubber and is also found anti-vibration mounts. We find very similar characteristics to the previous generation from a technical point of view, the PWM 120 for example, the maximum speed …

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10% less units for 1060 3GB GTX


As we suspections at the launch of the GeForce GTX 1060, version 3 GB of this reference will be somewhat different from the version 6 GB that we tested. Following pilot who make a clear distinction between these unusual variations in the amount of memory, you then we indicated that a difference was to be expected. We now know what it is. The Asian counterparts indeed have a presentation during which Nvidia unveiled its specifications. While the GPU GP106 board contains 10 SM, blocks of processing units, one of them is disabled on the 1060 GTX 3GB, which reduces the …

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Intel Custom Foundry takes ARM license!


ARM confirmed by a blog post Intel Custom Foundry, manufacturing activity thirds Intel now holds a license ARM Artisan for 10nm! We must remember that Intel is rather a special case in the world of semiconductors, being one of the few companies to have its own factories, used almost exclusively for the production of its own chips. Most other market players have migrated to the separation of the design of a side activity (known companies fabless , is the case in the world of GPUs with AMD and NVIDIA), and on the other the manufacturing in specialized third-party companies (known …

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Microsoft capitulum on the support Skylake


Earlier this year, Microsoft issued a surprising blog post Indicating that not only the future of Intel and AMD processors would be fully supported by Windows 10, but that premium platforms Intel Skylake (the latest as of Intel processors) would have to do a support on Windows 7 (and 8.1) that until July 2017! Something we interpreted at the time as a heavy good attempt to encourage OEMs, resellers and users to switch to Windows 10. The Redmond company has been the least obscure what this supposed limit under hearing in his note that only the most critical vulnerabilities would …

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GeForce 372.54 drivers


Nvidia has also released a new version of its drivers for graphics cards, which are 372.54 WHQL certified. The main novelty of these drivers regarding support for newly announced GeForce 10 mobile . As for the latest AMD drivers, these drivers also provide optimization for space exploration play No Man’s Sky and the open beta of Paragon . Nvidia also states propose optimizations for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ,Obduction , and F1 2016 . SLI users will find new profiles for Deus Ex and Space Engineers in DX11 mode, as well as No Man’s Sky . 3D Vision users will …

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AMD Radeon Software Drivers 16.8.2


AMD has released this weekend a new version of its graphics drivers. Dubbed 16.8.2, these drivers provide first optimizations for the recently launched space exploration play No Man’s Sky . AMD also announced support of the open beta of Paragon. Some bugs have been fixed, including a crash in Overwatch when choosing a character. Clignottements nuisance on the desktop for users Freesync were also removed. Finally, facilities issues for users of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition have been corrected, it apparently concerned some users of the feature secure boot .

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The GTX 1080/1070/1060 pass mobile


After a series of successful launches for its GPU Pascal, Nvidia GeForce GTX accept the 1080, 1070 and 1060 in Mobile, versions similar to their counterparts desktops . A sharp increase compared to the previous generation, which should renew its almost total domination of the portable market gaming . There is a little less than a year, Nvidia has experienced a different strategy in the mobile world with the launch of a GeForce GTX 980 similar

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